Our workplace classes are designed for the U.S. Department of Transportation alcohol testing program, which requires technicians (operators) to be trained according to a specific curriculum. This curriculum is quite thorough and is appropriate for all workplace, maritime and industrial testing scenarios, whether regulated by DOT, NRC, DOE or USCG.  Course offerings include Breath Alcohol Technician / Evidential Breath Tester (BAT/EBT) courses, BAT/EBT Instructor Courses, and a Urine Collector course.

Remember, all DOT-compliant training has 2 components:                                                  
1.   Rules & regulations or procedures training (on-line)
2.  EBT Instrument Proficiency training (in-person)

All of our DOT/Workplace
courses are also appropriate for: 

 NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission)  
 USCG (Maritime/Coast Guard)    
DOE (Dept. of Energy)

 NOTE:  Class dates are subject to change based upon the number of requests per class.  Intoximeters reserves the right to cancel any class. In the event of a cancellation, students will be notified immediately. Paid class fees will be refunded or applied to a future class at the customer’s request.  Classes are filled on first come, first serve basis. Registration must be received no later than two weeks before the scheduled first day of each class.   

BAT/EBT 101 (Online) (for RBT IV, RBT VXL)
BAT/EBT 202 (for AS IV @Work, AS IV w/Memory, AMCC)
BAT/EBT/Instructor 301 (for RBT IV, RBT VXL)
BAT/EBT/Instructor 301(Canada/Davtech)
BAT/EBT/Instructor 302 (for AS IV @Work, AS IV w/Memory, AMCC)
BAT/EBT/Instructor 302(Canada/Davtech)
Drug Collector Instructor 210
UDS Collector 110 (Online)