Intox EC/IR® II

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-Meets OIML guidelines (Approved in Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, UK)

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Law Enforcement   
Standard Equipment

- With or Without Built in Thermal Printer

- QWERTY Keyboard

- 100 Mouthpieces

- 2 Rolls Printer Paper1

- Manual
- Warranty

1- Paper is only included when the instrument is equipped with an internal printer.

Intox EC/IR® II

The Intox EC/IR II is a bench-top instrument featuring fuel cell integration analysis combined with real-time analytical advantages of infrared technology.


The sampling system in the Intox EC/IR II utilizes advantages of both electrochemical sensor (EC) and infrared sensor (IR) technology. The Infrared system is capable of monitoring in real time, both alcohol and carbon dioxide concentrations in the breath. The electrochemical sensor system is utilized to quantify the alcohol concentration in a breath sample. 

Software settings and test database are monitored to insure their integrity. The instrument also contains advanced radio frequency interference immunity and detection, automatic accuracy checks and calibrations using internal gas tank or external simulator, self-diagnostic capabilities, an easy to read 256 x 32 pixel graphic vacuum fluorescent display and is capable of remote diagnostics along with centralized data collection using optional IntoxNet software.