Erasing Test Data Overview

Instruments built by Intoximeters that offer memory capabilities and do not offer a FIFO (First In First Out) memory option will require the erasure of test data once the memory capacity is reached.

If it is important that the user maintain a record of all test data performed on the instrument, prior to erasing the memory, either making a hard copy of the stored data or uploading the data to a compatible database software package will allow permanent storage for record keeping purposes.

Depending upon the instrument that you are using, a Windows based database software program such as "Total Recall" (compatible with - ASIV w/Memory) or "IntoxNet" (compatible with Total Recall Software, @Work Software, RBTIV, AMCC, ECIR, ECIR II) are available through Intoximeters, Inc. If you need additional information or wish to purchase the software contact Intoximeters Customer Support.

Tutorial for performing an Erase Procedure

Specific instructions for erasing test memory are available in your Operator’s Manual. Below are several links to step by step procedures for performing a memory erase function. Click on the name of the instrument that you are interested in learning more about and follow the instructions. If you have trouble with these instructions you are welcome to contact Intoximeters Customer Support.

There is no undo for these tasks.  Erasing an instrument's data is permanent.  There is no way to retrieve erased data from an instrument.  Please backup your data before doing any of these procedures.