Calibration Tutorial Overview

Here we offer users an online step by step guide for calibrating several of our most commonly used instruments. This tool offers definitions of the key terms and an animated Step by Step procedure to help you properly calibrate your instrument(s).

Although this information appears in the instrument manual, some testing programs only allow certain qualified operators to perform accuracy checks and calibrations. For example, the DOT regulations for Workplace Testing require that "calibration of the EBT are performed by the manufacturer or a maintenance representative certified by the device manufacturer or a state health agency or other appropriate state agency."  

Before performing calibrations, make sure that you are qualified to perform this function under the rules of your program.
What is a Calibration


The setting or adjusting of an instrument's sensitivity to properly report the known value of a standard. All calibrations should be followed by an Accuracy Check to ensure that the adjustment is correct.  Calibrations should only be done by a trained Calibration Technical or Intoximeters Repair Technician.  Calibrating an instrument is not a common or routinely performed task. It should only be done after a failed Accuracy Check.

A "Calibration Check" is not a Calibration.  Please refer to the Accuracy Check Tutorial if you are attempting to perform this type of check.
Before you proceed

QAP Plan
Methods for an Accuracy Check
Tutorial for performing a Calibration

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