Alco-Sensor VXL Calibration Procedure (con't)



  • Check the temperature of the ASVXL -- it must be within a specified range in order to perform the calibration. 
  • You can quickly check the temperature of your instrument by turning it on with the yellow trigger button and observing the status bar at the top of the screen.
  • The temperature range for a calibration procedure is 23 - 27 degrees Celsius. 
  • If your unit is not within this range, take a few moments to allow the unit to come into range before beginning the steps below.

Checking the Temperature


  • Turn on the ASVXL and press the black button below the Test Menu command on the display (bottom right scroll button). 
  • Use the right scroll button to scroll down in the menu until "MAIN MENU" is highlighted.
  • Press the yellow trigger button to select "MAIN MENU". 






  • Enter your password when prompted.  Check with your supervisor if you have not been given a password. 
  • The password may be different for a calibration than it is for an accuracy check.

Find the Main Menu

Enter Password



  • Choose the highlighted option: "QUALITY ASSURANCE" then scroll down and select "CALIBRATION" from the list using the trigger button.


Quality Assurance Menu and Calibration Option
  • Enter the Standard Type you are using.  In this example we are using a dry gas standard.
    •  Dry 
    • Wet