Accuracy Check Tutorial Overview

This section of the Intoximeters website is designed to offer users an online step by step guide for completing an accuracy check on several of our most commonly used instruments. This tool offers definitions of the key terms and pictures of step by step procedures to help you properly check your instrument(s).
What is an Accuracy Check

Accuracy Check (also called "Calibration Check", or "External Calibration Check")

Checking an instrument for accuracy against a known standard.  This process is much the same as a running a sample on a subject, but in this case the operator knows what result the instrument should produce . The only other difference is that on an Accuracy Check the sample is almost always taken manually after several seconds of flow from the gas standard, but while the gas vapor is still flowing,

The results of an accuracy check must fall within an acceptable range for the instrument to be considered "in calibration".  An accuracy check result outside the acceptable tolerance may throw into doubt the validity of test results and as a result, a calibration is suggested following a failed accuracy check. Once the calibration has been completed an accuracy check should be run to verify that the calibration was successful.

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