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1)  Question/Symptom: When trying to open the Intoximeters software, I get the message "Your evaluation period has expired" or "License expired".
Solution: You must license the software.  Our software comes with a preconfigured 30 day evaluation cd k...
2)  Question/Symptom: When trying to install and register the software I get the message "You have successfully registered" followed by another message stating that I still need to register the software.
Solution: This is typically caused by a permissions issue, where the operator has logged onto the PC as a use...
3)  Question/Symptom: We had to move the software to a different computer and now it doesn't work.
Solution: The software you purchase from Intoximeters is generally for a single CPU license.  Once you h...
4)  Question/Symptom: How do I get an upgrade?
Solution: From time to time Intoximeters will offer upgrades to our software products. A step by step in...
5)  Question/Symptom: If my computer does not have a 9 pin serial port how can I connect my AS-IV to my computer and have it work with Intoximeters software products?
Solution: You need to purchase a device that converts your computer`s USB or PCMCIA port into a serial port. ...
6)  Question/Symptom: I registered my CBT Key but when I tried to log in the system gave me an error message of "invalid credentials".  What do I do?
Solution: When you registered your CBT Key you were asked to enter your first name and last name.  This ...
7)  Question/Symptom: I can't remember my password.
Solution: At the end of the registration process, the system will assign a password and display it on the scr...
8)  Question/Symptom: When I log in, the program makes me start over - it doesn't remember where I left off the last time I was logged in.   
Solution: The program is designed to remember or “bookmark” the place you stopped and start you off at the be...
9)  Question/Symptom: I can't locate the on-line training I am supposed to take.  How do I get there?
Solution: Intoximeters has a special starting location for each of our on-line courses. Just so you know, for...
10)  Question/Symptom: When I type in the web location provided for the on-line training, I can only see a blank page.  What do I do?
Solution: If you cannot see all the graphic elements on the web page, it is likely that you do not have the l...