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1)  Question: What are the minimum requirements of the DOT model course for training Breath Alcohol Technicians?
Answer: The DOT Model Course is intended to be an instructor led course.  However, DOT has not limited...
2)  Question: Can I use old DOT alcohol testing forms after 8/1/2010 or must I only use the new ATFs?
Answer: You can use the old Alcohol Testing Forms until 1/1/2011.   DOT requires use of the ...
3)  Question: What exactly are the changes to the DOT Alcohol Testing Form?
Answer: The Paperwork Reduction Act Burden Statement on the reverse sides of Copy 1 and Copy 2 has been upd...
4)  Question: What are the qualifications to be a BAT instructor, and where might an employer find sources for BAT instruction?
Answer: 49 CFR Part 40.213 requires the BAT instructor to be an individual who has demonstrated the necessa...
5)  Question: My instrument just failed its accuracy check. What do I do?
Answer: Your device needs to be calibrated and then checked by a Factory Authorized calibration technician....
6)  Question: Are DOT employers required to perform Pre-employment alcohol test on a prospective employee under the DOT rules?
Answer: No. But an employer may choose to conduct preemployment alcohol tests (unless under US Coast Guard ...
7)  Question: Where can I get a copy of the Federal Register?
Answer: To access Federal Register documents via the Internet:1. Go to the U.S. Government Printing Office2...
8)  Question: Can a DOT form be used for Non-DOT tests? What about a Non-DOT form for a DOT test?
Answer: The DOT Alcohol Testing Form (ATF) includes a statement notifying the employee that the test is bei...
9)  Question: Does DOT require refresher training for BATs?
Answer: Yes.  Subpart J section 40.213 (e) of  49 CFR Part 40 requires refresher training fo...
10)  Question: Is the training the same for workplace and law enforcement?
Answer: No.Intoximeters workplace training courses are designed to meet the requirements of the U.S. Depart...