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1)  Question: How do I find out if my repair has been completed?
Answer: Our goal is to repair instruments in 10 working days or less. (This does not include the time it ta...
2)  Question: Who do I speak to to accept or reject a repair estimate?
Answer: Generally, we fax or email you the estimate and the response can be returned by fax or email. If yo...
3)  Question: How do I schedule recertification?
Answer: Factory Recertification is available by appointment only.  Download the reservation form from ...
4)  Question: What do I need to send in with my instrument for repair?
Answer: Both the instrument(s) needing repair and a copy of a completed service Return Material A...
5)  Question: What is the recommended method for cleaning a breath test instrument?
Answer: Use of a damp cloth is an acceptable method on exterior surfaces of the instrument. Speci...
6)  Question: Can a breath mint or mouthwash affect the results on an instrument?
Answer: Not if a 15 minute deprivation period is observed prior to testing.
7)  Question: How long are tanks certified for?
Answer: The Dry Gas Tanks come from the manufacturer with a stated certification date which is listed on th...
8)  Question: Where can I get a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)?
Answer: A copy of the MSDS is attached to each new dry gas tank when it is shipped to you.  The f...
9)  Question: Can I use the dry gas standards at any temperature?
Answer: Dry gas standards should not be used when the gas temperature is below the 'dew point' temperature ...
10)  Question: How do I dispose of an expired tank?
Answer: Pressurized dry gas standards are considered HAZMAT and you will, at a minimum, have to empty the t...