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EC/IR [7]
1)  Question: What does "Subject Test Disabled" mean?
Answer: It means that either an accuracy check, or a calibration followed by an accuracy check must be perf...
2)  Question: What does "Standard Connect Error" message mean?
Answer: This display means that the Intox EC/IR is not detecting an appropriate flow of gas from the s...
3)  Question: My Intox EC/IR will not print, what should I check?
Answer: Check the internal printer to see if the ON LINE light is illuminated.  If not, press the...
4)  Question: Instrument displays DATABASE FULL.
Answer: The memory is full and no more test data can be stored until the memory is erased.  Some ...
5)  Question: Instrument displays "REGULATING TEMP".
Answer: One condition that is required prior to testing is that key components are within predefined temper...
6)  Question: Instrument displays "INSUFFICIENT SAMPLE".
Answer: Insufficient sample is a message that occurs if a subject does not provide a consistent breath samp...
7)  Question: Which mouthpieces can I use with the Intox EC/IR?
Answer: Currently manufactured Intox EC/IRs are setup to work with the Checktrap mouthpiece (part# 23-0010-...