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AS III [7]
1)  Question: Unit displays ".888".
Answer: Replace battery with new 9 volt alkaline battery.
2)  Question: Response is very slow.
Answer: If the fuel cell sensor is several years old, the slowness is likely due to the age of the cell.&nb...
3)  Question: Display does not come on.
Answer: Try a new battery, but if the battery is not dead or disconnected, it is likely that a Reed Switch ...
4)  Question: Takes forever to clean up.
Answer: The Reed Switch is not functioning and needs to be replaced or the fuel cell is contaminated and sh...
5)  Question: How do I calibrate my Alco-Sensor III?
Answer: Click the link below to get to on-line tutorials for accuracy checks and calibrations.
6)  Question: What does it mean when ".999" appears on the display?
Answer: If your Alco-Sensor III has a serial number less than 1200000, this display message indicates that ...
7)  Question: Are there instructions for attaching a Quick Draw device to my instrument?
Answer: There are no written instructions.  The Quick Draw simply snaps on and off the retaining ring ...