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1)  Question: What is the Legal Limit (per se alcohol level) in my state for DUI?
Answer: In the USA there is a national standard of .080 BAC.
2)  Question: How many drinks does it take to be over .080?
Answer: There are many factors which can affect an individual's alcohol concentration. The factors include,...
3)  Question: How does the drink wheel calculate the BrAC values?
Answer: The basic calculation for a man is [7* Ethanol in the body (in ounces) / Weight (in pounds) = BrAC ...
4)  Question: Could I blow a positive reading this morning from the drinking I did last night?
Answer: Yes, if you drank enough last night and all of the alcohol in your system had not been eliminated, ...
5)  Question: If you put a penny in your mouth will it lower your breath alcohol reading?
Answer: If you observe a fifteen minute deprivation period prior to testing, we are not aware of anything t...
6)  Question: How do I get information about state workplace drug and alcohol testing laws?
Answer: Most, if not all, states have regulations that govern workplace testing.  Due to the fact that...
7)  Question: Can mouthwash, used as directed, produce a reading of 0.02 or greater on a breath alcohol detection device after a fifteen minute deprivation period?
Answer: No.  Even mouthwash containing alcohol will dissipate from the mouth after a 15 minute depriva...
8)  Question: Will an Intoximeters breath alcohol analyzer produce a result on an alcohol-free diabetic who is breathing acetone or an alcohol-free painter who is breathing tolulene?
Answer: No.  Intoximeters instruments use a fuel cell as the primary analytical sensor and the fu...
9)  Question: What is a positive test?
Answer: Any reading at or above the pre-defined level stated in your testing program's policies o...
10)  Question: Why is 0.01 often used for zero tolerance testing?
Answer: With a breath test instrument, as long as the sampling was preceded by a 15 minute deprivation peri...