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General FAQ-Some topics covered are alcohol testing in general, billing questions, how alcohol reacts in the body and the technologies used in Intoximeters products.
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Training FAQ-Some topics covered are course requirements, testing practices and how to find information in the Federal Register.
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1)  Question: When trying to open the Intoximeters software, I get the message "Your evaluation period has expired" or "License expired".
Answer: You must license the software.  Our software comes with a preconfigured 30 day evaluation cd k...
2)  Question: Accuracy Check
Answer: Also called a "Calibration Check" or "Proficiency Test" or "External Calibration Check".  ...
3)  Question: ASD
Answer: Alcohol Screening Device.  Alcohol testing device or method that can only be used for DOT scre...
4)  Question: When trying to install and register the software I get the message "You have successfully registered" followed by another message stating that I still need to register the software.
Answer: This is typically caused by a permissions issue, where the operator has logged onto the PC as a use...
5)  Question: Calibration or Calibration Adjustment
Answer: A Calibration Adjustment is the procedure used to set (or adjust) an instrument's sensitivity ...
6)  Question: ATF
Answer: Alcohol Testing Form.  This is the document on which we record alcohol test data including the...
7)  Question: Estimate
Answer: An estimate is a way for you to find out approximately how much it will cost to repair an instrumen...
8)  Question: BAT
Answer: Breath Alcohol Technician.  An individual trained to perform breath alcohol tests.  This ...
9)  Question: We had to move the software to a different computer and now it doesn't work.
Answer: The software you purchase from Intoximeters is generally for a single CPU license.  Once you h...
10)  Question: Calibration Log or Calibration Logbook
Answer: A calibration log is a record of accuracy checks and calibrations performed on a specific breath al...