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The United States Coast Guard (USCG) published on Friday, January 20, 2012 a Notice of Inquiry in the Federal Register, Revision to Chemical Testing Regulations for Mariners and Marine Employers, seeking information and comments on several issues related to 46 CFR Part 16.

The USCG is seeking input from mariners, marine employers, service agents, and substance abuse professionals on a number of potential revisions to 33 CFR Part 95 and 46 CFR Part 16.  Most of the questions relate to the administration of chemical testing programs for mariners. Download a copy of the Notice

On December 22, 2005 the U.S. Coast Guard published a final rule (46 CFR Part 4) regarding chemical testing following serious marine incidents.  This rule became effective on June 20, 2006. 

Section 46 CFR Part 4.06-15(a) requires marine employers to have an alcohol testing device(s) readily accessible on  board the vessel to determine the presence of alcohol in the system of each individual who was directly involved in the SMI.  If testing by a third party can be accomplished within 2 hours of the SMI, then the marine employer does not need alcohol testing capability on board.   View PDF 46 CFR Part 4.

Collection of an employee's breath or saliva to comply with Part 4 chemical testing requirements must be done by personnel trained to operate the alcohol-testing device.  Intoximeters offers training programs for all of our instruments to assist marine employers in complying with this regulation.


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