General Information About Our
Technical Services

Tech Basics

Service programs offered by Intoximeters include warranty repair, extended warranty, non-warranty repair, preventative maintenance programs (Factory Recertification and Factory Inspection), software support and custom service programs designed to answer unique service needs.

Intoximeters is committed to cost-effective, high-quality service programs that emphasize improved reliability and the maximization of the customer's investment.

When you cannot solve issues with your instrument by referencing your User's manual, reviewing this section of the website, or by contacting our service department, you will need to forward your instrument to one of the Intoximeters Service Centers for repair.

If you have an instrument in need of repair, please either: 

1. Call our Customer Service Department at (314) 429-4000, and have your instrument's serial number ready. We will walk you through the process to get your instrument repaired. Or

2. Complete an online Incident Form (Return Authorization Form) and follow the instructions on the form to send the form and your instrument to Intoximeters. 

Repairs or Recertification on Instruments With Stored Memory

INTOXIMETERS, INC. shall not be responsible for any custom software, custom configuration information, or memory data of customer information contained in, stored on, or integrated with any products returned to INTOXIMETERS, INC. pursuant to any warranty, repair or recertification.

Prior to the instrument return for warranty, repair or recertification, all stored data, settings and custom software required by the customer, should be saved or secured by the customer.

Phone Support

U.S. telephone number: (800) 451-8639  All other countries: (314) 429-4000
When calling Intoximeters for technical phone support, please have the instrument available so that we can try to reproduce the issue that you have encountered while we are on the phone with you. If this is not possible, at a minimum, have:
  • The product name
  • The product serial number
  • The product software version (if you know it)
  • and a detailed description of the problem
  • Please include the above information if you are e-mailing us for support (E-mail us)

Repairs Under Warranty

If your instrument is under warranty or an extended warranty, the repair charges will be handled according to the corresponding service agreement.  Make sure to note that your instrument is under one of these agreements on the Return Authorization Form.  View standard warranty.

Repairs Not Covered Under Warranty

If your instrument is not under warranty, send it back to Intoximeters and the repair will be performed and the instrument and invoice will be returned to the address(es) designated on the accompanying Return Authorization Form.

If you require an estimate before a repair is completed and billed this must be noted on the Return Authorization form along with your email address or fax number, or when you speak with Customer Service to arrange an instrument repair. There is a checkout charge for this service; see the Getting an Estimate section of this website for more information about this service.