What to ship back with your instrument

If you are having a problem with your printer, send it and its cables, along with your instrument back to Intoximeters. Otherwise we do not need to have the printer or cables.


If the instrument being sent in is an RBT IV you will need to send the RBT and the Alco-Sensor IV instrument, printer and the battery together.

If you are having a problem with your Alcomonitor CC, please remove the dry gas standard and printer and all power cables.  If your printer and/or cables are believed to be problematic, please send them as well but DO NOT SHIP THEM STILL ATTACHED TO THE AMCC UNIT.  All components must be packed securely so they do not move around during shipment.

When sending in an Intox EC/IR device, please remove the dry gas standard before shipment.  Unless directed to do so by Technical Services, do not send the keyboard, power cord, or external printer.
Shipping instrument to Intoximeters for repair 

The following tips will help ensure that your product will be handled safely and securely as it is shipped to Intoximeters. Please be aware that Intoximeters is not responsible for any shipping damage that occurs during the shipping process, so make sure you pack your item as safely as possible.
  • If the original shipping box is not available, ship instruments in a corrugated cardboard box with appropriate packing material
  • If you use packing material such as peanuts or other chip like material, wrap the instrument in a bag so that packing material does not pollute the instrument.
  • Do not ship compressed gas or other HAZMAT materials unless you are properly certified.
  • It is recommended that you have the package insured by your carrier / postal service when you ship it. This may already be included in your shipping charge; check with your carrier.
  • It is recommended that you use a carrier that has package tracking capabilities. This will help us ensure that the package arrives at its proper destination.
  • Prior to the instrument return for warranty, repair or recertification, all stored data, settings and custom software required by the customer, should be saved or secured by the customer.
  • Include a completed Incident Form (Return Authorization)
Other issues/concerns:
Returning your instrument to you 

Intoximeters is not responsible for any shipping damage that occurs during the return shipping process of a repaired item. However, Intoximeters does insure all return packages. To make a claim for damages caused during shipment, it is important that you check out the shipping package and contents upon receipt and identify any damage. If damage exists, save all evidence including the shipping carton and contact Intoximeters Customer Service Department within 24 hours of receipt of the package.
Where to ship repairs

Intoximeters has two Factory Authorized Service Centers and a number of our local agents around the world have factory trained technicians on staff who offer local repair capabilities.

Although any repair can be shipped to our repair facility in St. Louis, USA, we would normally suggest that if you are located in Europe, you ship your instrument to our UK office.

United States - Headquarters
Phone : [+1] 314-429-4000
8am - 5pm CST Monday thru Friday.

Fax : [+1] 314-429-4170
Fax any time 24x7.
 Intoximeters, Inc.
2081 Craig Road
Saint Louis, MO 63146

United Kingdom - Regional Office
Phone : [+44] 01803-868602
8am - 5pm GMT/BST Monday thru Friday.

Fax : [+44] 01803-868701
Fax any time 24x7.
 Intoximeters UK Ltd.
Alpha Centre Unit 6 A-D
Babbage Road, Totnes
Devon TQ9 5JA

If you are anywhere else in the world, contact your local agent to determine if they offer local repair services. If not, the agent will be able to inform you about where you should ship the instrument to get the instrument serviced or you can contact Intoximeters USA for repair information.