Alco-Sensor IV Post Accuracy Check
1)  Insert a clean mouthpiece into the Alco-Sensor IV. After the Alco-Sensor IV displays the temperature and the blank test result, the unit will display "Test" or "CHEK". 

(Alco-Sensor IV with Memory instruments and some ASIV/RBTIV instruments can be put into a mode where "CHEK" is displayed. This feature allows the user to identify a record on the printout and memory and as an accuracy check. It is not necessary to put the instrument in the "CHEK" mode to perform the accuracy check function. This feature is purely cosmetic and helpful to those who are concerned with record keeping. See your operators manual for instructions)


Temperature displayed





2)  Once "Test" or "CHEK" is displayed, introduce the gas sample from the standard through the mouthpiece of the Alco-Sensor IV for a total of six (6) seconds.  On the fourth (4th) or fifth (5th) second press the MANUAL button on the Alco Sensor IV. The Alco-Sensor IV should make a "click" sound. Make certain that the gas sample is still flowing for at least one second after the MANUAL button is pressed.


3)  Flashing arrows indicate the Alco-Sensor IV is analyzing the sample of gas.  A result will be displayed.  


Flashing arrows < >


4)  Observe the three-digit reading.


Displayed result - .080

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