New Alco-Sensor III Calibration

Prior to calibrating it is critical that you know and record the expected value of the calibration standard you are using. (The value of the standard will be found on the label on the Mini-Alco Can, Dry Gas Cylinder, True-Cal device (see previous picture) or Bottle of Wet Bath Simulator Solution).

1) Attach a clean dry mouthpiece. Check temperature of the Alco-Sensor III by depressing the READ and SET buttons at the same time. Be certain that the instrument temperature is between 15°C and 36°C. RELEASE READ button, SET button should remain depressed. (Note: The firmware version and revision designation will be displayed following the instrument temperature).
Temperature window


 2) Place the unit in CAL mode

  1. Depress and hold SET button.
  2. Depress and release READ button – as soon as the temperature is displayed depress READ button 3 times (this must be done in quick succession – you have two seconds) while still depressing SET button.
  3. Release READ button after the third depression.

CAL is displayed


3) CAL will be displayed momentarily before bLn appears on the display. (Note: Stop holding SET button down).





4)  Depress READ button to take a blank test. 
---------- (moving dash) indicates that a blank test is being performed. If the blank is successful, SET should be seen in the bright display mode before moving to the next step in this procedure. 


bLn is displayed


5)  Depress SET button. CAL will be displayed in the dim mode.
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