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8) When using a dry gas standard for calibration or accuracy checks on an Alco-Sensor IV, purge the gas tanks valve and regulator for several seconds prior to introducing the gas to the Alco-Sensor IV.  After the purging process, attach regulator to the Alco-Sensor IV mouthpiece.  Make sure there is a good tight connection between the regulator and mouthpiece.


9) On the fourth (4th) or fifth (5th) of the six (6) seconds, press the MANUAL button on the Alco-Sensor IV to collect a gas sample for analysis.  Do not stop stop the flow of the gas sample until after the MANUAL button has been pressed and flashing arrows "< > <" appear on the Alco-Sensor IV display. 

(Note: The dislay must flash cal before the standard gas sample is delivered).



10)  Flashing arrows "< > <" on the display indicate the Alco-Sensor IV is analyzing the sample.  DO NOT press any buttons on the Alco-Sensor IV while the flashing arrows are displayed. 


Note: The resulting calibration value will reflect the programmed value set in the Alco-Sensor IV


11)  Observe the three-digit calibration reading.  This reading will match exactly the value you set into the Alco-Sensor IV.  This reading indicates the Alco-Sensor IV has been calibrated. 

(A post test accuracy check should be run to verify that the calibration adjustment has been successful.)


Calibration Reading (Matches value set into ASIV)


12)  When "Set" displays, depress the SET button on the Alco-Sensor IV.  

13)  Record the calibration reading in your Calibration Log.


Set button depressed


14)  Eject the mouthpiece from the Alco-Sensor IV by depressing the red mouthpiece eject button.  DO NOT pull the mouthpiece out of the Alco-Sensor IV without pressing the red eject button.  This could damage the mouthpiece eject mechanism.

15)  Proceed with a Post Calibration Accuracy Check to verify that the calibration has been successful.

Note: The new calibration setting that was calculated by the Alco-Sensor IV will be stored in memory until another calibration is conducted.
Post Calibration Accuracy Check
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