Alco-Sensor III Calibration

6)  Attach new dry mouthpiece to Alco-Sensor III.
7)  Attach Alco-Sensor III mouthpiece to the calibration device gas out port. (Make certain there is a good seal between the connector and the mouthpiece).


8)  If you are using a dry gas standard, depress the button on the regulator for 6 seconds. (If you are using a Wet Bath Simulator & Solution for a standard, you should blow into the inlet port of the simulator for at least six seconds). Using either type of standard, on the 4th or 5th second of the 6 second count, press the read button.

(NOTE: The gas/vapor must be flowing through the mouthpiece when the read button is depressed and it is suggested that it flow for at least one second after the READ button has been depressed).

Regulator button depressed

READ button is depressed – reading is beginning to climb


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