10) It is essential to verify the calibration.  Always use a new mouthpiece and an approved gas standard.  THE RESULT OF THE ACCURACY CHECK FOLLOWING A CALIBRATION SHOULD BE WITHIN ±.003 OF THE EXPECTED VALUE OF THE STANDARD GAS READING.


11) Attach a new mouthpiece then press and hold the OFF button while simultaneously pressing the ON button.  (Follow the Accuracy Check procedure.)


12) Observe the result and compare it to the known value of the Standard gas.  If the result of the Accuracy Check following a Calibration does not produce a result within ±.003 of the standards target value you will need to perform another Calibration procedure followed by a post-calibration accuracy check.


Post Accuracy Check - Alco-Sensor FST Record Keeping
13) Record the result.

To demonstrate compliance with your program's QAP it is best to keep a record or a Calibration Log for each device used for testing.  The log should contain the results of all accuracy checks and calibrations for each instrument.  This log may become a crucial piece of evidence should your test results be challenged.  The log may include information such as:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Procedure performed (Accuracy Check or Calibration)
  • Name of Technician performing procedure
  • Location
  • Identification of the Standard including Lot Number of the Standard
  • Expected Value of the Standard
  • Result of the Accuracy Check or Calibration
For more information about procedures for your Intoximeters instrument, please refer to your
  • Operator's Manual
  • or email Intoximeters Tech Support
  • or phone the Technical Support Department at (314) 429-4000


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