Calibration -  Alco-Sensor FST

5) While the display shows a flashing CAL, make an airtight connection between the delivery tube of the regulator and the open end of the mouthpieces.


6) Depress the regulator control button. When there is a continuous airflow - 6 liters per minute for four seconds - the instrument should capture a sample automatically.  Make certain that the gas continues to flow for 1-2 seconds after the sample is captured. (Sample collection is identified by a clicking sound.)


(Note: If for some reason you cannot provide an adequate flow rate for the instrument to collect an automatic sample, it is possible to perform an Accuracy Check by taking a manual sample.  To perform an Accuracy Check in this manner, depress the regulator control button and have the gas flowing to the instrument for seven seconds.  On the 5th second depress the ON button to take a manual sample.  Make certain that the gas continues to flow for 1-2 seconds after the sample is taken.)




7) Detach the mouthpiece from the regulator.

8) Observe the result and compare it to the known value of the Standard gas. If the value displayed is the same as the value of the standard you are using your unit is calibrated.  Depress the OFF button three times, the value displayed will be accepted as the Calibration Value and will flash three times before the instrument will power down.


Note : If the displayed result does not match the expected value or current target of the standard gas, you will need to adjust the displayed result to the proper value.  The result displayed will have the digit furthest to the left flashing.  If the flashing digit is incorrect, press and release the ON button as many times as it is necessary to cycle the displayed digit to the correct number.  When the digit is correct, press the OFF button to move the flashing highlight to a digit to the right.  After you have adjusted the furthest digit to the right, and the OFF button is depressed, the new calibration value will be flashed on the display three times.  If you need to adjust this number again, pressing the OFF button again while the entire calibration number is flashing will provide you with this option (the furthest digit to the left will be flashing). View Animation
9) Record the results in your calibration log book.
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