Alco-Sensor III Accuracy Check Procedure - Page 2

Alco-Sensor III (serial # > 1200000) 
  1. Check temperature of the Alco-Sensor III by depressing the READ and SET buttons at the same time. Be certain that the instrument temperature is between 15°C and 36°C. RELEASE READ button, SET button should remain depressed. (Note: The firmware version and revision designation will be displayed following the instrument temperature).

Temperature window display

  1. Depress and release the READ button, .000 should be seen in the dim mode and then in the bright display mode before continuing on with the test procedure.

READ button depressed
  ASIII displays .000

  1. If .000 is not seen in the bright mode within 6 to 8 seconds, depress SET button and recheck in one minute. (Follow Step 2 again. The unit must display .000 for 5 to 10 seconds before proceeding with the Accuracy Check).
  2. Depress SET button on Alco-Sensor III.
  3. Attach a clean, dry mouthpiece 

SET Button Pressed

  1. Follow instructions on the dry gas standard to mount the regulator if it has not already been installed.
  2. If this is the first test from the dry gas standard today, purge the regulator by depressing button/valve on regulator for approximately 3 to 4 seconds.
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