Alco-Sensor III Accuracy Check Procedure - Page 1

These instructions are for an Accuracy Check procedure for Intoximeters new style Alco-Sensor III. If your instrument has a serial number equal to or greater than 1200000 you should follow this procedure.

An Accuracy Check should be performed periodically. The frequency should be determined by your Quality Assurance Program.

Below are basic Accuracy Check instructions for the Intoximeters Alco-Sensor III breath testing instrument.

Tools Required: Before beginning have these items available: instrument, calibration standard, new mouthpiece.

  • Dry Gas Standard & Regulator
  • Alco-Sensor III
  • New Mouthpiece
  • True-Cal, True-Cal II or Elevation Chart



Note: A calibration standard can be a: 
  • Mini-Alco Can (for non-evidentiary testing applications only),
  • Dry Gas Cylinder and Regulator
  • Wet Bath Simulator and Solution



For this demonstration, a dry gas cylinder is used as the standard - value (at sea level) of.082%.

  • A True-Cal device was used to give the true value of the standard at the time of our demonstration
  • the True-Cal will display an adjusted, or expected, gas value for the current atmospheric pressure
  • Therefore, the target value for this demonstration is .081

True-Cal displays .081