Alco-Sensor VXL Accuracy Check Procedure   (con't)


  • The ASVXL will briefly display the Test Number and then the Target Value
  • Observe the air blank to insure no alcohol is present in the sampling system prior to the procedure.
  • Mount a clean, unused mouthpiece when prompted by the ASVXL display.
  • Purge the regulator for 1-2 seconds.



  • When the ASVXL display shows "Submit Sample", connect the mouthpiece to the regulator hose and press the regulator button to introduce the gas through the mouthpiece.

  • The regulator button will be depressed for a total of 7-8 seconds, but you will depress the yellow Trigger button to capture a sample on the 5th or 6th second.

  • If you are using a 6 Liter Per Minute (LPM) regulator, you will see the red lights on the side of the device flashing and the ASVXL can auto sample the gas.

Connect mouthpiece to regulator hose

As gas is flowing through the 6LPM regulator, the red lights will illuminate

  • The ASVXL display will show "Analyzing Sample" indicating it is calculating the result of the accuracy check.

  • The result of the accuracy check will be displayed in 3 digits.  If the result is at or within the tolerance of accuracy then the instrument is considered to be in calibration.  The tolerance range for the standard ASVXL is set to +/- .005 % BrAC.      

        NOTE:  if the result is outside of the tolerance, then subject
        tests will be disabled and a Status Message will be 
        displayed.   This situation will require a Calibration 
        Adjustment followed by a successful accuracy check to 
        repair the ASVXL device.

If your device is set up to communicate to a printer, then you will be prompted to place the ASVXL into the Docking Cradle for printing.  If you are not set up for printing, then the accuracy check sequence will end at this point.
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