Alco-Sensor VXL Accuracy Check  Procedure (con't)

  • Turn on the ASVXL and check the temperature in the top bar.  Temperature for an accuracy check must be between 10 - 32 degrees Celsius.

  • Then press the button below the Test Menu command on the display (bottom right scroll button). 

  • Use the right scroll button to scroll down in the menu until "MAIN MENU" is highlighted.


  • Press the yellow trigger button to select "MAIN MENU".  

  • Enter your password when prompted.  (Check with your supervisor if you have not been given a password.)


  • Choose the highlighted option: "QUALITY ASSURANCE".  Then select "ACCURACY CHECK" from the list using the trigger button.

  • Enter the Standard Type you are using.
    • Dry 
    • Wet 

Scroll to Main Menu

Enter your Password 

Choose Quality Assurance from the Main Menu


  • The ASVXL will display the Standard Value.  This is the sea level value of the standard being used and can be found on the label of the bottle.  If the standard value you are using is different, you must change the number here.
  • The ASVXL will display the Target Value.  
  • If your ASVXL has an on-board barometer, this number is calculated automatically and displayed later in the sequence.


  • Press the button on your True-Cal device or look at the chart on the Dry Gas tank label to get the Target (or Expected) Value of the standard.
  • Then enter the Target Value

NOTE:  Wet Bath Simulator users will not be asked about the Target Value since the Standard and Target values for a wet standard are the same.

Target value of standard


  •  Next, you will be prompted to enter or verify identifying information about your gas standard.
    • Lot Number
    • Tank Number
    • Tank Expiration Date




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