Accuracy Check - Alco-Sensor IV

5) Compare the displayed result to the current expected value of the standard

Note: If the result of the accuracy check is not within an acceptable tolerance (see your program QAP) from the expected value of the standard, you will need to perform a calibration followed by a post-calibration accuracy check. 


Expected value of standard used for this demonstration


6)  When "Set" displays, press the SET button on the Alco Sensor IV.

7) After the SET button is pressed, an audible beep is heard.

Set button depressed


8)  Press the RECALL button to recall the accuracy check result and record the result in the Calibration Log. A result within the acceptable tolerance range implies the instrument is "in calibration". 

Recall button depressed


9) Eject the mouthpiece using the
red mouthpiece eject button after the result has been recorded.


Mouthpiece EJECT button

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