Accuracy Check -  Alco-Sensor FST 
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1)  Attach a new mouthpiece then press and hold the OFF button while simultaneously pressing the ON button.



2)  The display should show the rcL message (this is the first option in the function Menu)

Note: After gaining access to the instrument menu indicated by rcL being displayed - pressing the ON button will allow you to scroll through the list of available options - rcL, PAS, rbL, ACC, CAL, dSr.  Pressing the OFF button will execute or select the option displayed at the time the OFF button is pressed.


3)  Momentarily depress the ON button until the displayed message changes to ACC.







4)  With ACC on the display, press the OFF button to select the Accuracy Check option.  (The temperature will be displayed followed by bLN and the result of the blank test). A flashing ACC message will be displayed.


Note : Make certain you have purged the dry gas regulator for several seconds.


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