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Handheld Instruments
Alco-Sensor FST® Passive Screener  Alco-Sensor® VXL  Alco-Sensor FST® 
Alco-Sensor® IV  Alco-Sensor® IV with Memory  Alco-Sensor® III 

Desktop Instruments
Alcomonitor CC®  Intox DMT  Intox DMT Dual Sensor 
Intox EC/IR® II  Intox EC/IR® II.t   

Portable Instruments
Alco-Sensor® VXL with Printer  RBT VXL  Alco-Sensor® VXL @ Point Of Arrest 
RBT IV    

Alco-Sensor® VXL Recertification  Alco-Sensor FST® Recertification  Alco-Sensor® IV Recertification 
RBT IV Recertification  Alcomonitor CC® Recertification  Intox EC/IR® II Recertification 
Intox EC/IR® Recertification  TrueCal II Recertification   

Instrument Inspections
Alcomonitor CC® Inspection  Intox EC/IR® Inspection  Alco-Sensor® III Inspection 
Alco-Sensor® IV Inspection  Alco-Sensor® IV /M Inspection  Alco-Sensor FST® Inspection 

Extended Warranty
Intox EC/IR® II Extended Warranty  Alco-Sensor® III Extended Warranty  Alco-Sensor® IV Extended Warranty 
Alco-Sensor® IV /M Extended Warranty  Alco-Sensor FST® Extended Warranty  RBT IV Extended Warranty 

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