For over 70 years, Intoximeters has been leading the Breath Alcohol Testing industry. Our evidential breath testing instruments are known for exceptional quality, reliability and accuracy. In addition to being the largest supplier for both Law Enforcement and Workplace Alcohol Testing in North America, we are trusted around the globe by clients in over 80 countries. Intoximeters is your #1 source for breath testing instruments, training, and service. 

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Workplace Alcohol Testing

We are proud to be the most trusted source for breath alcohol testing equipment in the law enforcement community. With 70 years of experience assisting with DUI prevention, our evidential instruments and screeners are a staple for most law enforcement jurisdictions in the U.S.  
Intoximeters is your number one source for quality, accuracy, and durability in breath alcohol testers. We manufacture handheld, portable, and desktop breath testing instruments.

Intoximeters instruments are DOT and NHTSA approved, for regulated testing. We offer instruments with varying protocols for workplace testing, as well as BAT and BAT Instructor training through our Intox Training Academy.