Intoximeters is the only supplier of evidential grade breath alcohol instruments to offer a full range of desktop style instruments to meet your program needs. Our Intox EC/IR II, Intox EC/IR II.t, Intox DMT and Alcomonitor CC instruments are used by some of the most sophisticated programs around the world. 

While this class of desktop instruments is traditionally used in stationary applications (i.e. inside an office), we offer a range of instruments capable of meeting the needs of transportable applications (i.e. mobile vans, carrying into a hospital). In addition, most of these products can be configured with advanced communication and data entry accessories to meet the data collection/reporting needs of your testing program. 

Our Intox EC/IR II, Intox DMT, Intox EC/IR II.t, and Alcomonitor CC instruments are approved by the United States Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT).

Alcomonitor CC®
Intox DMT Dual Sensor
Intox DMT
Intox EC/IR® II
Intox EC/IR® II.t