Intoximeters is known for our reliable, accurate breath alcohol testing equipment. We have led the breath alcohol testing industry since 1945, and our quality breathalyzers are trusted by law enforcement and workplace testing groups in over 80 countries worldwide. All of our instruments are approved by NHTSA for breath alcohol testing. Not sure what breath tester is right for your needs? Browse by industry for more information on what will best suit your needs. 

Below are our US featured products, to get you started.

Alco-Sensor FST®

The Alco-Sensor FST is the industry's fastest selling Preliminary Breath Testing (PBT) instrument. Over 120,000 FST's have been sold to date. 

This evidential grade breath alcohol tester produces precise, accurate, and repeatable results on direct breath sample testing. It also offers a simple passive breath testing procedure for fast screening of multiple subjects, as well as the capacity to "sniff" alcohol in an open container by measuring the headspace over the liquid. 

Features Include:
  • Intoximeter's reliable top-of-the-line integrated fuel cell technology
  • Patented rear-facing design for operator safety
  • Simple, intuitive operating procedure
  • Direct or passive breath testing
  • Durable, constructed of rugged ABS/polycarbonate blend material
  • Backlit LCD display, with optional multicolor backlit display
  • Lever and snap mouthpiece with illuminated mouthpiece guide
  • Impact resistant SureGripTM protective sleeve
  • Magnets on each side of instrument, to protect against loss of instrument

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Alco-Sensor® VXL

The Alco-Sensor VXL is an advanced, handheld microprocessor-driven alcohol testing instrument. This professional breathalyzer provides a simple, economical method of determining breath alcohol content with fast, accurate results.

A wide range of options are available to configure this breath alcohol tester to your program needs.

Features Include:
  • Evidential-grade accuracy
  • Intoximeter's reliable, top-of-the-line integrated fuel cell technology
  • Flexibility to interface with printer, docking station, and multiple peripherals (including keyboards, printers, magnetic card readers, bar code readers and computers)
  • Patented rear-facing design for operator safety
  • Direct testing, passive testing, and drink sniffing capabilities
  • Lever and snap mouthpiece, with illuminated mouthpiece guide
  • Side-viewable LED indicator
  • Multi-color backlit display messaging

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Intox DMT

The Intox DMT, an advanced evidential desktop breath testing instrument, was the first to integrate a breath alcohol testing instrument with a powerful embedded computer with graphics touchscreen. The unit combines a judicially accepted analytical system with a customizable user interface, and has the fastest signal processing in the industry, allowing test results to be displayed in real time, without any delay. 

This extremely accurate and precise alcohol tester/analyzer features:
  • Multi-filter infrared spectroscopy 
  • Real-time graphics display of breath profile and alcohol curve during a subject test
  • Color printout of breath profile and alcohol curve on the test ticket. 
  • Touch-screen graphics display
  • Real-time critical instrument data such as internal voltages, temperatures, etc. (locally or remotely)
  • On-screen adjustment of internal voltages without having to open the unit. This can be done from remote locations. 
  • Local access to previous tests without special software
  • Powerful embedded PC
  • Multiple USB ports to accommodate peripherals
  • Windows media player audio and video capabilities
  • Modular design for secure but quick access for service. 
  • Adapts to both transportable and fixed-site testing
  • Fastest signal processing in the industry (breath test results are displayed in real-time without any delay).
The Intox DMT-G includes the same features, but adds an internal housing and connections for calibration with gas standards. The dry ethanol gas tank connects easily and securely inside the compartment. 

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Intox EC/IR® II

The Intox EC/IR II is a bench-top instrument featuring fuel cell integration analysis combined with real-time analytical advantages of infrared technology.


The sampling system in the Intox EC/IR II utilizes advantages of both electrochemical sensor (EC) and infrared sensor (IR) technology. The Infrared system is capable of monitoring in real time, both alcohol and carbon dioxide concentrations in the breath. The electrochemical sensor system is utilized to quantify the alcohol concentration in a breath sample. 

Software settings and test database are monitored to insure their integrity. The instrument also contains advanced radio frequency interference immunity and detection, automatic accuracy checks and calibrations using internal gas tank or external simulator, self-diagnostic capabilities, an easy to read 256 x 32 pixel graphic vacuum fluorescent display and is capable of remote diagnostics along with centralized data collection using optional IntoxNet software.

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The RBT VXL features the Alco-Sensor® VXL, the latest in the trusted line of Alco-Sensor® evidential grade handheld breath testing instruments. This kit consists of an Alco-Sensor VXL instrument, a docking station, a keyboard and a printer.  The Alco-Sensor VXL is programmed to prompt the operator through a simple, step-by-step test sequence that:
  1. allows for data entry of subject, operator and other test information through the keyboard
  2. automatically collects and analyzes a breath sample
  3. produces a displayed, printed and stored-to-memory test record
The instrument can be programmed to support a variety of different test protocols.  Off the shelf programs include workplace alcohol testing protocols (U.S. DOT, DOE, NRC and unregulated testing) and basic law enforcement testing protocols.  Customized jurisdictional applications are available upon request.

Features Include:
  • Approved by NHTSA for evidential grade, DOT-compliant testing
  • Select fuel cell sensor, manufactured to Intoximeters' exacting specifications for accuracy, repeatability, and long life 
  • Innovative new design with heads-up display
  • Simplified user interface walks you through the test sequence
  • Quick Test option that by-passes data entry for fast, efficient testing
  • Suitable for left or right-handed use
  • Four AA batteries provide thousands of tests
  • Optional built-in barometer

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