Intoximeters has developed several different online training modules.  Please make sure you order the correct training module for your intended training purpose.  

Online BAT Rules & Regulations Module  This is Component 1 of the Breath Alcohol Technician course. This module is to be completed prior to EBT Proficiency training.
Online UDS Collector Module  This online course is the first step for Urine Drug Screen Collectors and will teach them the procedures and rules for conducting DOT specimen collections.

Online EBT Proficiency Modules  These modules are designed to familiarize BATs with the operation of a specific EBT device.  Choose the EBT Proficiency Module that corresponds to the Intoximeters breath testing instrument you use. This module should be completed after the Online DOT Rules & Regulations Module (Component 1), and before the 7 mock tests.

Click on the icons below for detailed explanations of each training module.
Please call the Intox Training Academy at (314) 429-4000 ext 601 if you have questions or need assistance.

Online BAT Rules & Regs Module (Step 1)
Online UDS Collector Module
Online EBT Proficiency Module (AS VXL / RBT VXL -- Step 2)
Online EBT Proficiency Module (RBT IV / AS IV -- Step 2)