In addition to our large catalog of course offerings, The Intoximeters Training Department provides an extensive line of training materials and supplies. All training materials (and courses) provide up-to-date information and the latest in learning technology. 

Choose from computer based training programs, training videos, training material, tests, certificates and classroom aids.

Online Training Modules
Intoximeters offers Online Training Modules for the Rules and Regulations component of the U.S. DOT model training course, as well as modules for EBT Proficiency Training for 2 of our latest instruments.

The modules allow students to study at their own pace and time.  For ease of use, the modules are available only in a web-based format.  A computer with internet access is necessary to use the products.
Training Videos
Intoximeters offers several training videos from simple instrument introductories to complex instrument how-tos. These videos cover most of the Intoximeters product base.
In an effort to make refresher training as easy and cost effective as possible, Intoximeters has developed a Train Your Own (TYO) package to allow BATs who meet DOT’s criteria as an instructor to train other BATs.  This TYO system is the easiest method of providing consistent, quality training for the lowest possible cost. 
Training Tests & Certificates
Order quizzes for your training classes.  We offer DOT rules & regs tests and instrument-specific tests.  You can also find generic certificates in this section.
Classroom Training Aids
These student manuals provide information about alcohol in the human body, federal register documents, DOT requirements, support documents, forms and quality assurance programs (QAP).