Intoximeters provides all your test result printing needs. We offer various printer styles with all the printer paper, ribbons and cartridges to match. In addition to plain paper we offer common DOT and Non-DOT forms.

Printer Ink/Ribbons
Intoximeters has printer ribbons for all our available printers.
Printer Paper
Intoximeters offers printer paper to fit all our printers small or large. We carry plain and thermal paper. Now we even offer self destructive - tamper proof sticky labels for some printers.
Strips & Tape
Need to make sure no changes have been made?  Evidence tape will keep your documents secure while security tape will provide assurance that each of your breath testing instruments is still calibrated the way you left it.
Forms & Log Books
Intoximeters carries non-DOT and DOT regulation forms. Our software is designed to print directly on these forms to provide clear and efficient documentation. Our log books are full size booklets and can hold hundreds of entries.
Intoximeters offers various impact, thermal, label and laser printers compatible with the various breath testing instruments and systems that we manufacture. Some printers require calibration before they can be purchased and will have to be ordered via your local representative.