Intoximeters Inc. offers a variety of breath tester calibration systems:

In this section of our on-line store we offer NHTSA approved dry gas and wet bath systems for checking and calibrating both screening and evidential grade instrumentation. To support these devices we also offer all of the necessary calibration device accessories.

If you have questions about accuracy checks and/or calibrations, please visit the Technical Services section of our website for more information.

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Calibration Dry Gas
Intoximeters recommends that for all evidential grade breath alcohol analyzers, external accuracy checks and calibrations be performed using a NIST traceable dry gas or wet bath standard approved for use by both NHTSA and Intoximeters.

We are now offering all standard and custom NIST traceable gas concentrations in three NHTSA and Intoximeters approved volumes;  108 liter tanks, 55 liter tanks, and 34 liter tanks.

Calibration Accessories
Some Intoximeters' instruments require special tools to perform calibrations. These tools are usually supplied with the instruments, but if lost can be ordered here.  Other calibration accessories, like our True Cal line of products, are optional devices that can help take the guess work out of dry gas accuracy checks and calibrations. Learn more about these products by clicking on their picture.
Dry Gas Regulators
Intoximeters dry gas regulators come in two (2) types - the 1.5 liters per minute and the 6 liters per minute models. Each is designed to work with any Intoximeters dry gas tank with the exception of the Mini Alco Can.