Intoximeters recommends that testing with instruments manufactured by Intoximeters be performed using only Intoximeters certified parts.  The design of both the fuel cell sensors and the mouthpieces manufactured for use with Intoximeters instruments optimize the instrument's capability to accurately measure breath alcohol concentrations. Use of unapproved parts may damage the instrument, produce erroneous results and void instrument warranty.

Mouthpiece purchases require a minimum quantity of 200. 

This group of mouthpieces fits the Alco-Sensor, Alco-Sensor III, Alco-Sensor IV, Alco-Sensor IV /w Memory and Alco-Sensor FST.
This group of mouthpieces fits the Alco-Sensor IV, RBT IV, Alco-Sensor IV /w Memory, Alco-Sensor V.
This group of mouthpieces fits the EC/IR, EC/IR II and the AlcoMonitor CC.