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  • By “SAP`s own letterhead” we mean the letterhead the SAP uses in his or her daily counseling practice.
  • If the SAP is in private practice, the SAP should use the letterhead of his or her practice.
  • If the SAP works as an employee assistance professional for an organization, the SAP should use the employee assistance program`s letterhead.
  • If the SAP works for a community mental health service, the SAP should use the community mental health service`s letterhead.
  • The Department wants to avoid a SAP network provider requiring the SAP to use the provider`s letterhead rather than that of the SAP.
  • The Department wants to avoid another service agent contracting the SAP`s services to require the contracted SAP to use the service agent`s letterhead.
  • The Department wants to avoid any appearance that anyone changed the SAP`s recommendations or that the SAP`s report failed to go directly from the SAP to the employer.
  • The Department does not want the SAP to use a “fill-in-the-blanks” / “check-the-appropriate-boxes” type of pre-printed form, including any that are issued to the SAP by a SAP network provider, to which the network or SAP would affix the SAP`s letterhead information.
  • The SAP must generate and complete all information on the SAP report.


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