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  • The collection site address should reflect the location where the collection takes place. If the collection takes place at a clinic, the actual address of that clinic should be used: not a corporate or a “main office” address of the clinic/collection company.
  • If the collection takes place on-site at the employer`s place of business (e.g., a bus terminal, a rail yard), the actual address of the employer site should be used.
  • If the collection takes place in a “mobile unit” or takes place at an accident site, the collector should enter the actual location address of the collection (or as near an approximation as possible, under the circumstances).
  • The required collector telephone number should be the number at which it is most likely that the laboratory, MRO, or employer, if necessary, may contact the collector and the collector`s supervisor.
  • Pre-printing certain information onto the CCF is problematic if the information is subject to change.


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