Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Registration, Activation or Login IssuesPRB: Cannot register DOT Training Unit - "Submit" button does not appearWhen attempting to use the manual registration functionality in the Intox DOT Training Unit (the "This computer does not have internet access" option,) the "Submit" button which is supposed to appear beneath the Activation Key input field does not appear at the bottom of the screen, and the Activation Key input field appears very near to the bottom of the screen.Keywords: DTU Register "Register button" "Registration Card" - Intoximeters
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A computer experiencing this problem likely has a non-standard aspect ratio set in the display property settings, causing items to appear larger than they typically would.  This can cause elements that should appear on the screen to be moved off.  To correct this situation, do as follows:

1.  Close the Registration Card window, and exit from the DOT Training Unit.  It may be necessary to do CTRL-ALT-DEL and select End Task to accomplish this, if the close window “X” button does not appear at the top of this window.

2.  Hover your mouse over a a blank place on your Windows desktop, and click the right mouse button.  Choose (left-click) the Properties button on the menu that appears.    A “Display Properties” window should appear.

3.  In the Display Properties window, click on the Setttings Tab.  On the Settings Tab, click on the Advanced button.

4.  The General tab of the Advanced Display Properties window will appear.  Under Windows XP operating system, Change the DPI setting to be “Normal Size (96 DPI).  Under Windows 98 or ME, if the DPI settings says “Large Fonts”, change this to read “Small Fonts”.



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