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A workaround fix for this problem is available in IntoxNet 5.3.8 and above.  A signature repair utility has been included in IntoxNet such that correct test records electronic signatures (tamper-evident stamps) can be re-assigned to results that have invalid signatures as a result of the above described scenario. 

To repair your signatures, launch IntoxNet on the computer that will be exporting (or uploading) the test results with the command line parameter /EC2CRCREPAIR, and perform a validation of your database.  When the validation has completed, the following message will be displayed:

Not all records in the database have valid tamper-evident stamps.  Would you like to see a report?”

Upon viewing the report, one or more lines like the following are displayed:

EC/IR II SN# 123456 Test number 567890: Can not validate the Tamper Evident Stamp in this record.
*** Repair Succeeded ** The tamper-evident stamp on test record #123456 of instument SN#567890 in database ‘desktopGeneric EC-IR II Test Resultsmaster’ was repaired.  Old stamp value: c0646c84; New stamp value: 74CB9274.  The transmitted tamper stamp results by appending 1 space(s) to composite test record field #40 (‘STDVALUE’) resulting in string value ‘.081 ‘.

Subsequent validations fo the database should now succeed, you should be able to export records that are importable on other IntoxNet hosts as well as perform host-to-host transfers of your data.


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