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From emergency rooms to research labs, Intoximeters instruments provide fast, accurate alcohol test results that you can rely on. Choose from handheld screeners to desktop evidentiary for research testing.

Alcohol breath testing is used in emergency response, hospital ER’s, treatment programs, and medical studies. To ensure results you can count on, your breath testing program should include a reliable, accurate testing device.  Intoximeters provides evidential-grade breath testing equipment to accommodate any medical application of breath testing. Many medical institutions using our equipment find they are using the same trusted devices as their local law enforcement.

For pricing on our breath alcohol testing instruments please contact your local Intoximeters representative, Customer Service at (314) 429-4000 or request the information through our Product Information Request page.

Emergency Response

The fast response time of the Alco-Sensor® line of products make these instruments ideal for the testing in the Emergency Response environment.  your workplace breath testing program.


  • Hospital ER, EMTs, Unconscious Patients

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

The familiarity of the Alco-Sensor® for many past Intoximeters users makes these products a continued choice for maintaining continuity in their programs. The fast response time of the Alco-Sensor FST® and Alco-Sensor® IV make these recently developed instruments ideal for a testing environment.

For high volume testing where all the testing will occur at a central location, the AlcoMonitor CC® offers a low cost alternative for testing. This instrument uses a common drinking straw for a mouthpiece, so on going supply costs are dramatically reduced.


  • Alcohol Treatment Programs

Research and Studies

Offering evidential grade results with data collection capabilities, these instruments are ideal for most researchers that we have encountered.


  • Alcohol Related Studies
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