Erasing RBT IV Memory

These step by step instructions are for Erasing Memory without first Uploading the stored data to a computer using IntoxNet.

CAUTION: Once an erase has been completed all data in memory will be irretrievable.
Note: The RBT should be OFF.

1) Hold the LAST TEST button down while depressing the ON button.

2) The RBT IV turns on and the display shows: DUMPING MEMORY


3) While this message appears, the LAST TEST button may be released.

(The memory is merely being dumped into the air).


4) Once all of the memory has been "dumped", the display shows : ERASE MEMORY? (Y/N)


5) To erase stored test data hold the YES (#8) button down until the display shows: ERASE COMPLETE.


When the memory is erased, the test number is reset to 0001.

This Erase Memory option offers a simple means to erase data without requiring a complete memory dump to a computer.