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Currently, the company is the dominant provider of breath alcohol analyzers for DUI enforcement and workplace testing in North America.

Intoximeters products are known worldwide for their accuracy, reliability and durability. Intoximeters has instruments in use in more than sixty countries with users ranging from law enforcement to probation corrections, drug and alcohol treatment centers, workplace safety, hospitals, research programs and schools.

Not only does Intoximeters, Inc. offer a full line of evidential and screener breath test instruments, the company also offers after sales support including, software applications for data handling, instrument maintenance, sale of consumable parts such as mouthpieces and calibration equipment, training on the use of the products, instrument repair, technical support and expert witness testimony.

Intoximeters sales and service support is offered from both our regional sales representatives and direct form the factory.

If you have any questions please contact Intoximeters home office by clicking here.  If you would like to find your local Sales Representative click here.