Alco-Sensor IV Calibration - Page 3
1)  To begin the Calibration, gently press Switch #1 and hold it down with calibration tool. 

2)  While the calibration tool is pressed in Switch #1, insert the mouthpiece.  Inserting the mouthpiece turns the unit ON.

Four red squares should appear on the display.  If they do not, remove the mouthpiece and start the process again.

3)  If "Set" displays at any time during the calibration procedure, press the SET button, then proceed.


Four red squares displayed

4)  After the mouthpiece is inserted, take the calibration tool out of Switch #1 then press and hold the tool on the far right Switch (Switch #3).  While the tool is depressing Switch #3, an automatic air blank will occur, followed by .000 indicating the instrument is alcohol-free prior to the calibration. 

Keep the tool gently pressed down in
Switch #3 until the .000 is replaced with a different number. 

.000 displayed – cal tool in Switch #3


5)  Observe the number displayed and remove the tool from Switch #3. The reading displayed represents the last calibration setting. In the picture you can see that the last calibration value was .100.

Last calibration value displayed


6)  In this example we are calibrating the instrument with a dry gas standard that has a current expected value of .080. In order to calibrate the instrument to this level, we will need to adjust the number displayed so that it matches the current expected value of the calibration standard.  Adjust the calibration reading to match the standard you are using by pressing the tool into the Switch #1 (increments up) and Switch #2 (increments
down) as needed.  When the number on the display matches the current expected value of your standard, press Switch #3.  This will indicate to the instrument that in this scenario it is about to be calibrated with a gas standard with a value of .080.

7) Once Switch #3 has been pressed "Cal" will flash on the display indicating that the instrument is ready to accept the standard sample. 

Current expected value - .080

Current expected value - .080

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