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"Train Your Own" Urine Drug Screen Collector


Price: $199.00 


"Train Your Own" package for Urine Drug Screen Collectors. This newly created kit walks a qualified instructor* step-by-step through the process of training a UDS Collector. 

The instructor is provided with an online study module to re-familiarize themselves with DOT collection procedures and regulations. The user is able to purchase additional online modules at a discounted price for their collector students to use. This online piece covers the first 2 training requirements: Basic Information and Qualification Training. The instructor will then monitor the required 5 mock collections and issue a certificate stating that the student has met all the training requirements of 49 CFR Part 40. 

Electronic resources are included on a USB flash drive that the instructor can use over and over for future trainings. 

* The Intoximeters "Train Your Own" program is intended for qualified instructors and does not certify individuals as instructors. Reference 49 CFR Part 40.33 (c)(2) for the definition of a qualified instructor:  "This person must be a qualified collector who has demonstrated necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities by ---(i) Regularly conducting DOT drug test collections for a period of at least a year; (ii) Conducting collector training under this part for a year; or (iii) Successfully completing a "train the trainer" course."