Alco-Sensor VXL NRC/Workplace Instructional DVD

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Alco-Sensor VXL NRC/Workplace Instructional DVD


Price: $50.00 


This DVD covers the Alco-Sensor® VXL as programmed with the DOT/Workplace testing protocol, which includes NRC testing protocols. It is not intended as a self-study option, though it can be used to demonstrate instrument functions during a hands-on training session with a qualified instructor or experienced user. 

The program is divided into 5 sections to make it easier for the user to find specific subjects. It includes an instrument overview, various accessories, detailed operational instructions, role-plays of initial and confirmatory tests, troubleshooting and quality assurance / dry gas standards.  

Section One - Instrument Overview
Section Two - Instrument Accessories
Section Three - Instrument Operation for DOT Protocol
Section Four - Troubleshooting
Section Five - Quality Assurance

Total Running Time: 1 hour