Total Recall (version 3.0.x)

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Total Recall (version 3.0.x)




Operating System
Microsoft Windows 7®, Microsoft Windows Vista®, Microsoft Windows XP® or Microsoft Windows 2000® operating systems.

CPU, Available Hard Disk Space, RAM
Requirements do not exceed the minimum system requirements of the underlying Microsoft Windows® operating system.

Serial or USB Port
An available USB or 9-pin serial port is required for connecting your PC to the ASIV.m. When using a USB port, a supported USB to serial adapter is also necessary (included with package).

ASIV Total Recall may optionally be used with most Laser and InkJet printers supported by Microsoft Windows®

Display (Monitor)
1024 x 768 (or better) True Color resolution

Communications (Cable)
Alco-Sensor IV @ Work comes equipped with a 9-pin serial interface cable for the ASIV.

Modem (Optional)
A 33.6K or faster modem if IntoxNet upload over modem feature is to be used.




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Alco-Sensor IV Total Recall®is a Windows®application designed for collecting and compiling test data from Alco-Sensor IV with memory®("ASIV.m") instruments. The software presents simple to follow step by step instructions which lead the operator through the instrument result download process. Once the data is downloaded, reporting tools included within the software package allow the data to be queried, sorted, and printed or exported in a variety of report formats.

Used with an ASIV.m, the Alco-Sensor IV Total Recall Software collects and stores results from tests previously run on the ASIV memory instrument. The software will accept downloads from any number or ASIV.m instruments. The query feature within the database allows the user to search through the stored data, identify records, and generate reports. Reports are generated based on the selection criteria established by the user.


Data Storage
ASIV Total Recall stores the downloaded test results to a queryable database from which results may be reprinted and reports generated.

Data Collection
ASIV Total Recall allows identifying information to be added to test records to facilitate later searching or reporting.

Printout Capability
Test results and reports can be printed using various printers supported by Microsoft Windows® (laser, dot matrix or label).

The Alco-Sensor IV Total Recall software will operate as a standalone system or as part of a defined networked system.  Networking multiple ASIV Total sites to a centralized database can be accomplished with IntoxNet, an Intoximeters central database program (purchased separately).  ASIV Total Recall systems can be interfaced with IntoxNet via modem or network / internet connection.

ASIV @ Total Recall can be conveniently used wherever your laptop computer is used.

Total Recall (version 3.0.x)
Price: $437.00 
This is the current version installation cd for the Total Recall application and is good for one (1) activation.
Media Replacement
Price: $30.00 
This is a replacement CD-ROM for a lost or broken Total Recall CD.  There is no CDKey with this purchase.  You must have an existing CDKey to use this cd.