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AS IV - RBT IV [6]
1)  Question: What calibration equipment can I use with the Alco-Sensor IV?
Answer: Either a wet bath or dry gas standard can be used to check accuracy and perform calibrations. ...
2)  Question: Why is "MAN" displayed on the Alco-Sensor IV?
Answer: The Alco-Sensor IV cannot detect that the breath flow sensor is connected.  As a result, ...
3)  Question: The Alco-Sensor IV proceeds through test sequence but returns to the temperature display before it allows the subject to provide a sample.
Answer: The ASIV is not receiving consistent power from the battery and is resetting the test sequence...
4)  Question: How do I calibrate my Alco-Sensor IV?
Answer: Use the link below to get to the section on accuracy checks and calibrations.More in...
5)  Question: Why is "VOID 14" displayed on the ASIV?
Answer: VOID 14, or Voided Analysis, indicates that the instrument detected a possible problem with the fue...
6)  Question: Why am I seeing an RFI void on my Alco-Sensor IV?
Answer: RFI stands for Radio Frequency Interference.  The ASIV was originally designed to detect the p...