Do I have to use a test?

According to the DOT Model Course the student must complete a test sufficient to demonstrate knowledge of and proficiency on the instrumentation of the EBT.  Intoximeters uses a written test which we believe to be the most effective means of testing the knowledge of the BAT student.

Intoximeters offers both rules & regulations tests and instrument-specific EBT tests.

Instructors:  remember that the Online BAT Rules & Regulations module has a rules & regs quiz included so order an EBT/CAL Tech quiz to make sure your student(s) know how to properly operate their EBT device.

EBT/CAL Tech Test - RBT IV
EBT/CAL Tech Test - AMCC
EBT/CAL Tech Test - ASIV and ASIV @ Work Software
EBT/CAL Tech Test - ASIV with Memory
DOT Rules & Regulations Test
Generic BAT Certificates
Generic URINE COLLECTOR Certificates